Sunday, May 31, 2009

Central park shoot

Late night shoot in Central park

some Black/Whites

Museum of natural history

Nothing to crazy, just was out on a friday having a good time :)

random hang out night

Super BRO sunday

what started off as a super bowl Sunday bike ride, ended up as a Kicks For kids photoshoot. with the Famous Chris Ash

movie set

wish i could of done more with this setting.

J.r perry show


just another outing in the city, shooting with Natasha

5m photos

just some random shoots from my apt.

City slickn 08'

Summer 08' with the Famous Chris Ash and Able also famous somewhere lol, unlike the last posting this day was hott sweaty and long, walking around all day i think we were out skating spots but not to much of that happened.but once again got a few good shoots two of them being shown here.

AKstar X FHM

Date back winter 08' when this shoot took place, and i swear to you it was about 25 degrees or less. these guys deff. kept me warm by laughing the whole time, shoot for: AKstar clothing

starting off with some older stuff. summer 08'

*07-31-08 random afternoon hanging out with Natasha off work i guess, lol cant really remember, but headed over yo Coney Island which no longer exist "R.i.p coney" but had 100s of flicks that day. these are prob. just a few of my faves. from the day. enjoy.

Flick 101

just bloging about the different pictures i've taking and talking about them and getting more into how it happen where it was and more random info. like that :)
now to kick this bad boy off...

This is i LaVell.w 23years old from Ny
into. clothing retail,photography,skating,
traveling,cycling,vintage video games and
so much more. But you'll soon find out the
rest. :)